andre sakai salib

egyptian/japanese halfbreed. born in tokyo, raised in cairo. picked up the guitar at the age of 16, then influenced by 'classic rock' and 'alternative' music. at the age of 18 moved to live in tokyo for college, where he met his future band mates thus forming farida's cafe. when recording a demo for the band, he developed a keen interest in recording and sound engineering. this was further developed when studying electronic music at UCSC during his year abroad as an exchange student in 1996. there he started to create electronic music in the vein of ambient, breakbeats, drum'n'bass as well as film scores.
in 1999 he started making funky breakbeat tracks under the name 'super samir'.

10.1994 farida's cafe born
9.1996 goes as an exchange student to UCSC and studies electronic music as well as global economoics
12.1996 scores and records soundtrack to student film 'something like sand'
3.1997 intern at UCSC recording studios
7.1997 back to japan and farida's cafe gets serious
10.1997 records first demo of farida's cafe

11.1997 buys sampler and hard disk recorder and starts making more music
6.1998 garduates school. BA in International Business and Economics
9.1998 two farida's cafe songs: 'G-song' and 'meiro' pass the 1999 EMI parlophone audition
3.1999 scores and creates music and sound effects for theme park 'nara dreamland' attraction
4.1999 Parlophone Compilation 1999 released from TOSHIBA EMI incl 'G-song' and 'meiro'

9.1999 records second farida's cafe demo: 'monologue'

7.2000 erm... 'produces' lunchbox by farida's cafe com leite plus 7 remixes by samir and friends

8.2000 records third 'farida's cafe' demo 'incomplete'

9.2000 super samir demo!

10.2000 super samir demo reviewed in groove magazine.

12.2000 farida's cafe 1st album 'hear nothing' recorded.
1.2001 new project 'supermojo' begins.
5.2001 records 'cafe com leite' cd 'shumatsu'

7.2001 farida's cafe first album 'hear nothing' released!

10.2001 records 4 song cd for 'kiretsu'.

11.2001 'supermojo' 4 track cd completed!

11.2001 creates music and sound effects for electronic story book 'beyblade'

12.2001 farida's cafe 2nd album 'mile a minute' recorded
3.2002 'mile a minute' released!

6.2002 recorded squadcar's '6 songs about being alone'.

11.2002 recrded and released farida's cafe 's 'live + acoustic'

12.2002 recorded steking's 'unagi' cd

3.2002 super samir 2nd album 'FOFA' released!